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Just read my terms..
There are 2 questions for which I closed the handy:
1. "are pics real?"
2. "how much?"
I agree with some ; a lot of cheap, gypsies from street are even better looking then some vip signed escorts, a lot of unmannered girls filled the first pages of the main directories from google because they pay through a connection, which pay for a bunch of them together; they can be 100 belonging to the same guy, all with the note Verified or VIP or tested , filling the first 4 pages of some directories - google does not always show to whom the pics belong, because many are stolen from closed websites like pinterest, facebook s.o. which are not listing the pics in google. So I agree that it can happen and you know that too, but the difference between what you saw and what is coming is huge, just like when you order a product from a chinese website, where you also pay by card and get no product, and only half of the money back.... So one must expect bad products when you order from internet, my point is...that I am massage girl only, which means I am good looking enough not to lower to other jobs and second is

any time you order a product from internet, you pay the courier no matter you take or reject the product! There is gasoline spent and in our case, the couriers can come up with us to make sure he is PAID!
In my case it never happend to leave without the first hour massage fee, because I reject by handy whoever ask those 2 questions first and use an informal language ..I do not deal with errand boys (some clients), neither do I take the driver up with me because as I said, I am gifted enough, not only with a body, but also with a beast strenght! I do not want to drive you away, only the errand boy should avoid me, there cannot be a connection where such a huge cultural gap divides us..starting with your poor English, same 2-3 sentences you keep repeating like a broken cuckoo...same smell of poor, sad guy dreaming of Linda Evangelista full services included too in 1 or 2 bucks....wake up! In life some are satisfied with a goat too, because it offers more then a woman, like milk for ex, and, when it is old, you can cut and eat it.It is just that some are so airy and they cannot see that the one who request is the one in need! Not the way request it without showing your low social origins of errand boy!

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I added also some reviews

Obviously, into brackets!

Client bad behavior


starting with me

  1. If I go shopping, I address the seller politely:
    Hello! Do you have this product, what size, what price?
    She will answer back!
    If I am well-bread and I afford I will buy, if not, I will answer "Thank you, I will think about!" In any case, I will not say "your products are bad, fake, expensive"
    Any shop have a bodyguard and also some laws said that we are not supposed to offend anybody with your speech!
  2. Lets get back to you:
    When you do not afford the "product", you must behave like above; "old school SS" using very offensive speech to intimidate your adversary is not working with VIP/educated/occasionaly escorts, Your communist or "old school SS" demeanour is very much overrated; some even speak better English then you, also have a richer vocabulary in English then you, a poor native!
  3. Use formal language
  4. short communication on handy
  5. agree or disagree politely to escort terms
  6. do not start an agressive talk
  7. we'll go no further on arguments
That is part of an email I got once, a very weird one, because I could not see the meaning of telling me all those rubish things.I keep the email safe, as the provider keeps it also
Guy wrote: " i don't remember her name or anything she was tall and pretty fat tbh but she deepthroated like crazy so that was fun :) ... i did however make the most of my 4 days of stay having sex with 6 different women, doing anal, threesomes, cof etc :) wish i had more time there but who knows later :)"
Why did that piece of shit is proud of achieving those dirty things with money? Normally, with money you can turn shit into diamonds, you can buy anything, question there any reason to be happy about it? Does the brainless shit think about those pieces of flash still called women that they DID NOT enjoy it? Well, I will not go further into judging him, because I am sure he will be judged later and not by a divine entity!

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