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Just read my terms..
If you start with a bad English and these 2 questions, I closed the handy:
1. "are pics real?"
2. "how much?"
..I do not deal with errand boys (some clients), ..starting with your poor English, same 2-3 sentences you keep repeating like a broken cuckoo...same smell of poor, sad guy dreaming of Linda Evangelista full services included too in 1 or 2 bucks....wake up! In life some are satisfied with a goat too, because it offers more then a woman, like milk for ex, and, when it is old, you can cut and eat it.It is just that some are so airy and they cannot see that the one who request is the one in need! Not the way around....so request it without showing your low social origins of errand boy!

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I added also some reviews

Obviously, into brackets!

Client bad behavior


if you call from a romanian handy or skype number and your English sucks, better don't call at all... obviously you are from one of those countries where women are herd, migrating in Europe still smelling cheap! This kind of client must be avoided because he will treat you badly no matter if he likes you or not....usually he is accepting your terms on handy, but when you arrive, he doesnt show up where you indicate, but changes abruptly asking a girl to full disclosure of her business in front of many foreign people, family, kids! They have no honour, no shame, they smell..accepting shits like this , only make a girl the same....usually they are jews or middle east, but they can be also chinese! China is known overall for cheating with their online products!

As a rule, when your English sucks means you could not afford a teacher either you are very stupid....my English is perfect and from the start I am not a charity organization to pay taxi myself and visit guys with such a severe intellectual handicap!



  1. if you sound offensive I will close the handy instant
  2. Lets get back to you:
    on short read next and remember!
  3. Use formal language
  4. short communication on handy
  5. agree or disagree politely to escort terms
  6. do not start an agressive talk
  7. we'll go no further on arguments

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